The APT Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (APTJMR) is an international peer reviewed open access research and project management journal of Accra Polytechnic, Ghana published by the Accra Technical University Press and freely available online.


With its broad scope of research and project management the APTJMR is focused on highlighting practical solutions to real life challenges affecting societies. Responsible researchers throughout the world are continuously generating or applying knowledge in a bid to improve our society. Similarly, several non – academic institutions throughout the world implement projects by applying knowledge generated through research to provide practical solutions to real life problems affecting societies. Information on current research findings as well as on the outcomes of such projects could serve as the basis for further research as well as for better projects for sustainable development. The mission of this journal is therefore to provide a platform for the sharing of knowledge by academia and researchers as well as by practitioners in non – academic institutions in public and private organisations for the promotion of applied research.


The journal accepts articles in a broad range of disciplines in the Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Social Sciences. The APTJMR is a unique platform for the promotion of creativity and innovation for development through research. It provides the opportunity for academicians and researchers as well as for practitioners in non – academic institutions in the public and private sector who are involved in the design, development and implementation of developmental projects to place their knowledge and findings in the public domain.


The journal accepts original articles which have not been previously published. The article must describe a research leading to the discovery of new facts, generation of new knowledge or contribution of new and relevant ideas to an ongoing discussion or debate or; the development of a more effective tool, technology, process, service, product, method, system, concept, model, or practice than existing ones or; the design, development and implementation of a project that resulted in improvement in livelihoods, the environment, organisations, or structures.