Science Lab Technology

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Current trends in industrial and economic developments throughout the world demand corresponding evolutionary changes in our educational and training programmes. The wheels of technology are moving faster than one can really imagine. With the rapid advancements in the field of Science and Technology, the need has risen to train or retrain our technicians to meet current demands and challenges. The programme involves the study of sciences in the applied form - clinical and the industrial sector.

About Us

The Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) Programme is a relevant innovation to produce Technologists for sustainable developments industry, commerce, research and educational institutions in Ghana and elsewhere in the world. This programme seeks to impart knowledge through in-depth examination of the principles, techniques and methods involved in Laboratory practices and functions in industrial, health, research and educational establishments.

Vision: A leading centre of excellence in the West African Sub-Region for the training of Science Laboratory Technologists and Technicians for various sectors of industry.

Programme Objectives

The programmes are designed to provide the basis for understanding the role and practices of a modern Science Laboratory Technologist, whose scope has greatly expanded over the years. It is also to update their minds through the dissemination of proper ethics of the profession in keeping with Government's policy of quality and safe Laboratory practices.

The programmes also provide students with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Laboratory Technology with the thrust of training and producing middle-level skilled, personnel (Science Laboratory Technologists) to provide high level Technical and Laboratory services in the Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Instrumentation.


We offer programmes at Degree, Higher National Diploma (HND) and Certificate levels in Science Laboratory Technology.

  • Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)

The B. Tech programme accredited in the 2011/2012 academic year, is currently a top-up programme to the Higher National Diploma (HND) and is primarily aimed at tackling the problem of academic and professional progression faced by SLT HND graduates. B. Tech students would specialize in the following fields of laboratory technology: Analytical Chemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Environmental Technology, and Food Technology. The duration for the programme is one and a half years.

  • HND Science Laboratory Technology

This is a three (3) year programme aimed at providing graduates with a comprehensive competency-based training, and general knowledge and understanding of Laboratory Technology, so that they would be able to work in various sectors of the economy.

  • Science Laboratory Technician Certificate Part One

This is an eighteen-month programme aimed at providing a thorough grounding in fundamental laboratory practices and procedures in the science field generally, together with a sound knowledge of the underlying scientific principles. The certificate serves as an entry point into the HND Science Laboratory Technology programme.