New Session starts in March 2018

Accra Technical University offers young people and all, a unique opportunity to learn any of these languages on part-time basis, in an ultra modern language laboratory.

How to Apply

Applicants must purchase an adimission form at the cash office of Accra Technical University for GHS 50.00

Fees for categories of people

Categories of People Rate For 12 Weeks Pre Language Rate For 2 Languages For 2 Weeks
Ghanaian GHS 400 GHS 700
AU Candidates GHS 1,000 GHS 1,500
Non-AU GHS 1,500 GHS 2,500
Organizations GHS 2,000( per head) GHS 3,500

Classes run for three months per session. Certificates are issued at the end of each level.

Course Modules

A. Grammer, word stress, tenses and construction of sentences.
B. Oral interactions, conversation,phonetics, reading, comprehension and composition.
C. General communication skills for education,work and business
D. Written and oral communication skills for education, work and business.
E. Written and oral communication skills for international relations.
F. Written and oral communication skills for people in tourism
G. Written and oral communication skills for Technology

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