Day Two Of Active Teaching And Learning: Lecturers To Deploy Innovative Teaching Methods

Day two of the 4-day " Active Teaching and Learning " workshop for the teaching staff of Accra Technical University is in session at the University's auditorium.
Today's session began with a recap of the discussions and subjects that were deliberated on day one. This exercise was spearheaded by Ms. Miriam Frijns, Programs Manager of Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, who also doubles as the anchor of the workshop. Participants were allowed to give feedback of the happenings of yesterday, particularly on the subject, "Active Learning", "Active Teaching " and the Sub- Peer Groups (SPGs) learning process.
Eight facilitators who supervised the activities of the SPGs of day one shared their experiences about their given tasks. Facilitators recounted myriads of learning experiences and challenges that were faced in the course of discharging their duties in the SPGs learning process, key among them being evaluation of colleague teachers and consensus building.
Participants were taken through tutorials of "Active Teaching and Memory", a process of enhancing retrieval of information by students. Teachers were admonished to draw the line between learning and memorizing in order to increase the ability of students to remember what they are taught. This is to increase productivity in the classroom to achieve sterling academic results.