ATU Senior Members Urged To Advance The Core Mandate Of The University

Ongoing workshop for Senior administrative and professional staff of Accra Technical University dubbed "Team Building and Joint Vision " has entered its penultimate day at the University's guest house.
Discussions of the workshop continued as participants were taken through rigorous lectures on the "technical universities landscape", specifically innovative administrative strategies and tactful engagement of stakeholders that will be in the interest of the University.
Delving deeper into the subject, the guest speaker, Dr. Paul Effah, president of Radford University College, moderated discussions concerning the administrative structure and the modus operandi of a University.
A comprehensive presentation on the various administrative ranks and administrative roles were given to participants of the workshop. Dr. Effah implored senior members to judiciously use properties and resources of the University and reminded participants of their esteem duty of treating information about their clients confidential.
He noted that the principal role of the University is to advance the frontiers of knowledge and mentioned that the approach of the University should be competency-based and practice-oriented. In addition to this, he touched on some critical challenges facing Universities such as cost containment, competition from contemporary universities and embracing change. He urged senior members to develop anticipatory skills to keep up with the changes that may arise in the university landscape.
He clarified various forms of administrative mix ups and loop holes that are likely to occur in the line of work and also those that were asked by participants of the workshop.