ATU Holds Forum On National Cyber Security Awareness

The Ministry of Communications Ghana, in collaboration with Accra Technical University has organised a forum on cyber security on Friday 18th October 2019 at the University's conference room.

The forum forms part of activities to mark the government of Ghana’s declaration of October as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The forum was set to create awareness on the effects of cyber threats and attacks on a national and personal level, and how to avoid, detect and combat them.

Speaking at the forum, Mr. Joseph Quaye, a cyber analyst at e-Crime Bureau, took participants through the cyber world and associated threats initiated by unscrupulous persons on the internet space.

In his address, he mentioned that "the internet was created to ease up the burden on human labour but many people have now taken it upon themselves to use the internet for criminal purposes such as hacking into people’s social media accounts, bank accounts as well as companies’ accounts".

Mr. Joseph Quaye also outlined some malicious schemes hackers use in scamming people. "Most hackers use a technique called social engineering in scamming people; this is where hackers use manipulations to garner information from their targets to commit crimes on the internet. An example is the mobile money scam".

Participants were also taken through series of interactive demonstrations on the detection and prevention of cyber threats and attacks as well as solutions.

Cybercrime has been on the increase in recent time, and in a report released by Kenyan-based IT firm, Serianu Limited, Ghana’s economy lost a total of US$50 million to cybercrime in 2016. The trend is projected to increase if stringent measures are not put in place to protect internet users from the unsuspecting hazards of internet use.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Joseph Quaye assured participants to be always vigilant and apply all methods shown them during the cyber security presentation whenever they are using the internet.