ATU Senior Management Urged To Exhibit Equity At Workplace

A three-day training workshop in Enterprise Risk Management has been organised by the Management of Accra Technical University and the Internal Audit Agency.
The training which kicked off today at the University's lodge is purposed for conscientising Senior Management and Heads of Departments of the University about issues of risk management.
Facilitators from the Internal Audit Agency ushered participants through series of presentations on what risk is, identification of risks, risk management  and minimizing risks and maximisation of opportunities as an enterprise.
In a presentation on some dimensions of the risk management framework, participants were urged to exhibit equity in issues relating to gender that may put organisational objectives in jeopardy. Participants were tasked to identify the unique qualities of their subordinates in assigning roles whilst exercising equity and control in their treatment to be able to achieve organisational objectives.
The role of enterprise risk management is to serve as a tool for making informed decisions as a University; support or achieving the University's objectives by  identifying risks and making informed decisions.
The transition from a polytechnic to a fully-fledged University comes with its accompanied risks as well as windows of opportunities.  Managing these risks by identifying, mitigating and eradicating would ensure that the University does not derail from its core mandate and the realisation of its objectives.  However, seizing and capitalising the opportunities that come with the University's new status will go a long way to leave a footprint in Technical education in Ghana and beyond.