Ghanaians Urged To Take To Vegetarianism

Dr. Abdulia Quartey, a registered dietician with the Dietetic Association of Ghana, has encouraged Ghanaians especially parents to offer the needed motivation to children who wish to take to vegetarianism.
The licensed dietician made this remark at an event organised at the main auditorium of Accra Technical University. Ran by the final year students from the Hotel Catering and Institutional Management Department, the occasion sought to educate the general public on vegetarianism and its impact on the health of practitioners. This forms part of several activities lined up for the 70th Anniversary celebration of the University which commenced in March this year.
According to Dr. Quartey, a vegetarian is person who practises abstinence from meat and other dairy or end products of animals for personal or health reasons.
“To be a vegetarian is something of a personal decision, and may be fueled by health restrictions or personal dieting choice. Children who want to be devout vegetarians must receive the need encouragement from parents”, he said.
Contrary to popular opinion that vegetarianism is only about the abstinence from meat and meat products, Dr. Quartey debunked the assertion, indicating that there are several forms of vegetarianism practices by people around the world like fruitarianism, ovo vegetarianism, lacto vegetarianism, veganism, and other lesser-known restrictions.
The licensed dietician traced the historical antecedence of vegetarianism to the ancient Greek empire. He explained that the practice started among religious sects in Medieval Greek where people held the belief that animals had souls and could give life.
The queen mother of Adabraka, Naa Korkor Aadzieoyi I, who was the chairperson of the event, was enthused with the diversion from carbohydrate-laden and calorie-heavy foods which have become regular features in most Ghanaian dishes, to the promotion of vegetarian diets. ‘‘You’d agree with me that the starchy foods have become too much. Take a day or two and dedicate it to vegetarian dishes. As you have seen and tasted for yourselves, these are very delicious meals and are easy to prepare too’’, she stressed.    
Patrons were also treated to a variety of sumptuous vegetarian dishes to the delight of their cravings. Some of the foods served at the event were vegetable shepherd pie, carrot jollof rice, Aprapransa, Acheke, Abolo, vegetable salad, and other non-dairy foods
In a conversation on the sidelines with Bright Aaron Avadzinu, the student leader of the group, he applauded the preparations made towards the successful organisation of the programme and appealed to vocational institutions in the country to help popularise the lesser-known Ghanaian vegetarian recipes for international recognition and export.
“Investing in talents and skills yields a lot than investing in anything else. I encourage all vocational institutions to organise to bring to the lime light Ghanaian vegetarian recipes that are lesser-known for international export”, an elated Bright said.
The event was on the theme: “Harnessing Vegetarian Integration with International Culture”.