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Accra Technical University’s effort in salvaging a beleaguered community of graduates from the shackles of unemployment has been doubled with an introduction of an entrepreneurship programme to prepare students for the significant shift from job seekers to job creators.

The entrepreneurship programme is birthed through a collaboration between ATU, Innovation for African Universities, University of Huddersfield, Bolton University, Achievers Ghana, Social Enterprise Programme, and the British Council.

The University, drawing references from the current business model trend, will develop a curriculum that will provide the needed training and skills to enable students to tackle the complex problem of unemployment and proffer sustainable solutions to environmental degradation.

Speaking at the opening of the programme, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Samuel Nii Odai, reiterated the economic bane of the country and the syndrome of unemployment that has plagued its youth, especially graduates. He revealed that the University has not rested on its oars and is working relentlessly to help teach students the skills to develop their business ideas that will culminate in the establishment of enterprises. He also added that the goal of the University is to become a hub for Social Enterprises that will duly serve its relevance in training entrepreneurs who will contribute towards the push the country’s economy badly needs.

The chairman of the programme and an official from the British Council, Mr. Andrew Mensah, said that more work is needed to produce graduates with employable skills to fit into the world of work. He added that further training on the subject would produce refined graduates who would be self-employed but not those waiting to be employed by the government, which unfortunately rarely happens. He applauded the paradigm shift towards innovation and entrepreneurship by most universities, which proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel regarding unemployment. Universities are beginning to understand the reality and precisely put in practical measures to that effect.

Shedding more light on the ATU Entrepreneurship Project, he disclosed that its objective is to strengthen the University with the ability to become the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. He outlined the dividends expected from the programme in breeding the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the universities and facilitating the skills needed to develop industries in the country.

Speaking on the State of the Regulatory Framework of Social Enterprises in Ghana, Ms. Sarah Teiko of Amartefio Chambers urged students to develop a great interest in forming their enterprises. She describes it as very rewarding and urged them to seize the opportunity from the ATU Entrepreneurship programme to become self-reliant and make a meaningful impact on society.

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