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Accra Technical University has held its customary Durbar for staff today at he University’s Auditorium. The forum is one of the many that is specifically held for the discussion of the welfare of staff and has the staff of the University as its focal point.

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Samuel Nii Odai stated in his address that the conditions of staff is crucial to the Management of the University and his management is doubling its efforts in alleviating the economic meltdown through the University welfare policies. He disclosed that staff who are on retirement as of this year are going to enjoy gratuity as well as any other staff in the University.
Some staff expressed worry over the increment of the interest on rent loan from two percent to 10 percent. According to them, the increment will have a toll on their finances and beseeched Management to reconsider its decision. 
The Vice-Chancellor however revealed that the 10 percent is a result of a petition from representatives of various unions of the University from the earlier 17 percent agreed at management meeting. He urged staff to bear with management given the current national inflation affecting loan interests. 
Similarly, the subject of sanitation was brought up by some staff at the Durbar. Members belonging to the sanitation outfit expressed their concern over wages regarding overtime and requested management to review their wages. Also, staff beseeched Management to revise the amount allocated as health compensation for staff who incur costs at hospitals due to illness. 
The Durbar also afforded Management the opportunity to update staff of the ongoing Auditorium and University hospital projects. Prof. Odai told staff that the University is looking for avenues to generate revenue and urged individuals not to hesitate to bring revenue generating ideas on board.
 The all-important staff Durbar is renowned for its affordability of opinions, disclosure of concerns and consensus building in bid to establish strong relationship among members occupying the University hierarchy.