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It has been two years since Accra Technical University and the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This deed has ensured the training, education and research to enhance GAF’s operations and deliver competent and skilled power to run industries and enterprises. The two have placed the icing on the cake in their alliance with the Accra Technical University Alumni Chapter launch for the School of Ordnance on Thursday, 11th August 2022, at the Ghana Armed Forces Military Academy.

The fruitful collaboration has seen the graduation of two cohorts and the establishment of an alumni chapter have since long been on the cards of the Premier Technical University.

The President of Accra Technical University Alumni Chapter, David Ayisala, expressed their excitement about being part of the historic event. He articulated the intent of the office of the alumni for coming up with such an initiative. According to him, the University is just a group of structures; if the stakeholders are removed, it may be a shed, a campus or even a website. He said that although facilities are necessary, they don’t create a University independently; instead, the students are the primary stakeholders and share an inextricable bond with the University.

He mentioned that the alumni association fosters a spirit of loyalty, promotes members’ welfare and strengthens the ties with the University.

The occasion was not only punctuated with the good news of the launch of the ATU alumni chapter. Additionally, the collaboration between ATU and GAF has witnessed the rollout of four courses; Senior Non-Commissioned Officer’s (SNCO’s) Advance Course No. 5/22, Storeman Ordnance (Stmn Ord) BI Course No. 6/22, Storeman General Duties (Stmn GD) BI Course No. 7/22, Tailoring BI Course No. 8/22 and Leather Works BI Course No. 9/22. These will eventually lead to the award of Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Procurement & Supply Chain Management and Fashion Design.

The Guest of Honour, Major General Charles Awity, Commandant, Military Academy and Training Schools (MATS), advised officers to remain disciplined and give their best in the opportunity to learn as their career progression in the Armed Forces is strictly tied to their performance in the various courses they enroll.

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