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ATU Sets Sail in Winning Ways; Volleyball Men's Gold Up for Grabs

Men’s Volleyball Semifinal

After walking over its opponents via two-straight wins in the preliminary stage, Accra Technical University’s (ATU) men’s volleyball team was set to face Tamale Technical University (TaTU) in a game that was to decide who makes it to the final.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, ATU broke through the thick semifinal wall after taking two of three sets with a 2:1 win over TaTU. The build-up to the win will be a day to remember in ATU’s sporting history; it was the final before the real final. With the victory, ATU will face off TTU on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

How it Happened

The first set was a lopsided win for ATU with a 25:15-point lead. It was expected that the second set would be ATU’s for the taking but that was soon dashed in a pendulum-style dominance. But alas! the Northern boys proved to the spectators why they were at the semi-final. With a 22:25 score in their favour, a third set was needed to break the tie.

Bystanders and spectators alike could read the fear superimposed with courage on Team ATU coach’s countenance. He could not stand the unpardonable errors his team kept committing in successive fashion, as he paced up and down in uneasy strides. It was a win or win for him; his boys did not embark on the over ten hour’s journey to be eliminated just on the brink of the final. For ATU fans, the feedback was “ooh” “eii” “aah!”

Then it was time for the deciding round.

In the third set, TaTU jumped out to an early lead of 9:7. After timeout, ATU shut the margin to 10:9. Led by the loud kill shots of ATU’s number 10 shirted spiker, Emma, the blue and yellow boys from Accra raced out to a 15:12 advantage. Team TaTU attempted a comeback but Emma closed it out with a kill shot that sent the vocal cords of the ATU fans vibrating the court of play.

Overall, it was a great game and despite the way it ended, the coach is proud of what his boys have accomplished and hopes that they carry the grit exhibited in today’s game into the final.

Other Events

So far ATU has bagged 16 medals in various events. Stay tuned for the details.