Academic Affairs


In fulfilment of the objects of the University Act, 2016 (Act 922), to provide higher education in engineering, science and technology-based disciplines, technical and vocational education and training, applied arts and related disciplines, Accra Technical University has provided a high quality of diverse middle-level management personnel trained and equipped with knowledge and skills who easily fit into the competitive industrial environment, contributing to Ghana’s development.

As our academic philosophy, to produce independent and innovative thinkers who have comprehensive competencies in ICT, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in addition to relevant technical/vocational skills for immediate employability or job creation, Accra Technical University offers and lays the foundation for future success by developing the information resources that students will make do with, while in the institution. We are being innovative in the face of reduced funding, to develop ICT facilities and also computerise our library facilities so that information can be accessed from varied sources electronically. Our expectations: students should take advantage of our resources and develop themselves in the three overlapping areas of life; the academic, the career and the personal.


The academic activities are performed by five (5) faculties, viz: Engineering, Built Environment, Applied Sciences, Applied Arts and Business. The faculties are made up of sixteen (16) Departments, offering one (1) Four-year Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree programme, nineteen (19) top-up Bachelor of Technology degrees; sixteen (16) Higher National Diploma programmes and several diploma and professional certificate courses.