Accra Technical University Signs Tenancy Agreement with Stationery and Publishing Giant

Prof. Samuel Nii Odai, VC of ATU (R) appending his signature to the agreement

Accra Technical University on Wednesday, October 21 2020, signed a tenancy agreement with Kingdom Books and Stationery Co. Ltd to begin a new working relationship. The agreement which was inked in the University’s Council Chamber will give Kingdom Books the mandate to set up a store on campus which will facilitate the accessibility of high-quality
learning materials from the stationery and publishing giant.

The Vice-Chancellor of Accra Technical University, Professor Samuel Nii Odai, who doubled as the chairman of the brief ceremony welcomed and thanked Kingdom Books for reposing trust in the University and patterning with it. He expressed his excitement for the new relationship as the partnership which will not only help the students but also help the University as a whole to draw from the wealth of experience of Kingdom Books.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor Amevi Acakpovi, who was also present at the event expressed optimism in the partnership and believed that any issue that may come between the two bodies would be solved amicably.

Mr. Peter Gyateng, the General Manager of Kingdom Books expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership as it will help them bring to bear the experience that they have with other universities. He also prayed their partnership yields great success as that will strengthen the
relationship between the two bodies.

Professor Odai signed on behalf of Accra Technical University whereas Mr. Gyateng signed on behalf of Kingdom Books.

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