Design Thinking – A way of thinking and acting that centers on human-centered design.

About Accra Technical University

Established in 1949 as a Technical School and commissioned in 1957 as Accra Technical Institute, Accra Technical University then (Accra Technical Institute) became the first Technical University to be established. In 1963 the Institute assumed a new name as Accra Polytechnic under the directions of President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to be a key driver of the country’s industrialization process. Following the operationalization of the PNDC Law of 1992 (PNDC 321) in 1993/1994, the Polytechnic gained tertiary recognition.

Meet the Team

This ATU project aims to bridge the gap between research and development in the health sector, by using Design Thinking analysis to solve real-world challenges and harnessing the talents of young emerging leaders in health innovations. It seeks to take a pipeline of talented young innovators and develop them to apply design thinking to address local health challenges, as well incorporate locally tailored health solutions into healthcare delivery.