Atu Opens Doors to Receive New Students

It was quite a spectacle to see life brought back on campus after a year many wish to have soon forgotten; a year that saw academic activities derailed by the ravaging force of COVID-19.

Yet a refurbished sense of Integrity, Creativity and Excellence filled the atmosphere as the campus of the premier Technical University in Ghana bloomed with the arrival of its freshly admitted students.

It was business as usual, and the smile worn by the Vice-Chancellor on the welcoming banner echoed the University’s commitment to student’s needs and experience.  With its dedicated staff in attendance and ready to serve, the University’s mandate was already in motion.

Though all masks were on and social distancing was in its strictest observance, one could still sniff out the joy in the air for this crop of students who have embarked on a journey towards academic excellence. A journey with qualified and selfless professionals in the driver’s seat, to unlock opportunities in the world of work. From the point of registration to the commencement of lectures, the students have so much to look forward to.

Out of the many views solicited from students, the outstanding expectation had to do with the online learning that has become part of us in these strange times. Students are hopeful of a well-coordinated online learning management system with the student in mind.

While students continue to settle and acclimate their newfound home, the excitement continues as the coming days promise to be full of a rich learning experience in a diversified community of scholars.

We look forward to having a fruitful semester as every moment in each passing day builds up to the prize at stake for students. As a University, we hope to see our new batch of students fly high the flag of Accra Technical University, as has been with our fine crop of alumni.

By: Directorate of Public Affairs

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