Counselling and Mental Health during a Pandemic: Directorate of Guidance, Counselling and Career Development Organises Seminar

The Directorate of Guidance, Counselling and Career Development of Accra Technical University has organised a workshop on Monday, 30th March 2021 at the University Auditorium for academic counsellors.

The workshop was organised to orient academic counsellors on the rudiments of counselling and mental health. Participants were such as Understanding the Nature and Purpose of Counselling, Psychosocial
Assessments in Counselling, Theories and Writing Counselling Reports. The others were Theories, Processes, Science and Art of Counselling and Ethical Issues in Counselling.

One of the resource persons, Dr Micheal Anim, Senior Lecturer and Health Psychologist at the School of Medical Science at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in his presentation explained what counselling is, what makes one a counsellor and the importance of counselling. He highlighted the need for every individual to undergo counselling when needed as the pressures of life get the best part of us. He stressed that counselling involves professional assistance, and the best approach in handling counselling issues is face-to-face. This will help make it interactive.

Speaking on the aims and goals of counselling, Dr Anim stated that a counsellor should help untangle the tentacles that entangle and hamper a person. He emphasised the importance of counselling while adding that talking helps in counselling as it is therapeutic.

The Resident Counsellor at the UCC Counselling Centre and Hospital, Madam Bridgette Baaha Lemaine, in her submission on ‘‘Counselling Report,’’ stated that counselling reports help keep records between
counselling practitioners and counselees which will help make the right recommendations and remedy. She cautioned on how an unorganised Counsellor’s work results in a shoddy approach. She provided the format on how the counselling report should be.

She also touched on sexual harassment as it is an area that needs a lot of education. She stressed that young boys and girls suffer a lot of depression from not speaking up due to fear and stigmatisation when they are harassed. She entreated the university to give students who may go through such ordeal the needed support and report any form of harassment whether verbal or sexual to the police as it is punishable by law.

By: Directorate of Public Affairs

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