Don’t Use Assessment as Source of Dispensing Reward and Punishment – Dr.Turkson Cautions ATU Teaching Staff

Dr. Stephen Turkson, an Educational Consultant and Alumnus of Accra Technical University, has cautioned teaching staff of the University against placing undue emphasis on assessment as a yardstick for rewarding and punishing students.

 He said this in a four-day Competency-based (CBT) workshop organized by the University for its Teaching Staff on Monday 7th September 2020.

 Addressing the generational loopholes in our educational system, Dr. Turkson recommended that much emphasis should be placed on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as a credible alternative to general education. He debunked the stereotype around people who endeavour in TVET as academically poor who resort to being tailors, hairdressers, cobblers, mechanics or fitters, bakers among others. In addition to this, he reckoned to make TVET education free; a policy worth considering by the government.

 He urged participants at the workshop to make an all-out effort to change defunct assessment practices that operate on reward and punishment and see assessment as a source of insight to aid learning.

 In light of this, he advised that lecturers should adopt a competency-based approach to learning and assessment which focuses on gaining knowledge rather than grades. He stressed that grades and qualifications do not solve problems but knowledge and skills do, therefore teaching should be directed towards assisting individuals to acquire knowledge, skills, attitude and values required to perform activities in the highest standard.

 Engr. Dr. Turkson is a TVET/CBT expert and International consultant and the CEO of ELJEN company, a TVET consult. He has over 28 years of leadership experience in formal, informal and non-formal TVET and in Building Construction Industry.

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