Internal Audit Directorate (IAD)


The Internal Audit Directorate is an independent appraisal function within the Management set up of Accra Technical University. The Internal Audit Directorate is headed by a Director and assisted by other Internal Audit Staff.

The Internal Audit Function derives its mandate from Section (83) of the Public Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act 921), the Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 922), the University’s Statutes and the University’s Internal Audit Charter.

Mission & Vision


The mission of the Internal Audit Directorate is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the University’s operations and to assist the University to accomplish its objectives through a systematic and disciplined approach by evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.


Our vision over the medium term is to be recognised as a valuable resource in promoting accountability, integrity, compliance and efficiency in all University operations. 

Our Core Services

Using a risk-based approach to deliver on its mission and vision statements, Internal Audit Directorate provides value-added services in the following three broad categories:


review of operations, policies and procedures to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of, and compliance with related control structures, so as to determine whether risks are appropriately managed


assist key stakeholders by helping in reviewing specific issues and concerns that are better addressed through an advisory and consulting type of engagement


investigate allegations of financial misconduct or acts involving the University’s resources. This includes addressing matters brought to Internal Audit attention or as and when Internal Audit is put on the enquiry.

Scope of Internal Audit Work

Our scope of work as defined by section 83(3) of the Public Financial Management (PFM) Act 2016, (Act 921) and Accra Technical University Statutes 2018 include the following:

(a) Appraising and reporting on the soundness and application of the system of controls operating in the University;

(b) Evaluating the effectiveness of the risk management and governance process of the University and contributing to the improvement of the risk management and governance process;

(c) Providing assurance on the efficiency, effectiveness and economy in the administration of the programmes and operations of the University

(d) Evaluating compliance of the University with enactments, policies, standards, systems and procedures.

(g) Vetting all proposed expenditures to ensure compliance with laid-down internal control systems and other statutory requirements;

(h) Conducting periodic examination of the accounts of the University including the units with limited financial and operational autonomy and submitting reports to the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council through Audit Committee;

(i) Monitoring and ensuring that all expenditure incurred are authorized and are within budgetary provisions;

(j) Conducting Operational and Management audits and submitting reports to the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council through Audit Committee  

Meet Our Staff

Name                                                                           Rank

Godsway Oyiadzo                                                      Director of Internal Audit    

Rebecca Baffoe                                                          Internal Auditor                                 

Dominic Ampah                                                          Assistant Internal Auditor     

Angela A. Ashietey                                                    Assistant. Internal Auditor    

Francis Femeyibor                                                       Jnr. Asst. Internal Auditor     

Princess Ahorlu                                                           Jnr. Asst. Internal Auditor     

Abraham L. Opoku                                                     Prin. Audit Assistant             

Mark Norvor                                                               Senior Audit Assistant 

Esther Asamoah                                                          Senior Clerk