Directorate of Academic Affairs

Overview of the Directorate

The Academic Affairs Directorate under the University Registry is responsible for academic related issues of the University. It is specifically tasked with strategic planning, development, coordination and implementation of academic policies of the University. Additionally, the directorate oversees all admission processes in the University and through the presentation of papers and memoranda, offer alternative views on academic matters to the University’s Academic Board for its consideration.

The directorate has under its wing, four units namely; Admissions, Records, Certificate and Transcript and ID units.

Admission Unit

All admissions are processed by the Admission Unit. It determines in consultation with the Admissions Board on the cut-off points and requirements necessary for admission into a programme or course.

Records Unit

The Records Unit exists for the compilation, processing and updating of student academic records for information accuracy and record keeping. The Unit also assists in generating data for certificate, transcripts and letters of verification.

Certificate & Transcript Unit

The issuance of Academic certificates is carried out by the Certificate Unit. They coordinate together with the records unit to produce accurate information on the certificate of students.

Identification Card Unit

The ID Card Unit produces identification contents for ID cards for admitted students, taking into consideration a careful verification of their biodata, personal data, year of enrolment and courses of study.