VC’s Listening And Assessment Tour: Faculty Of Engineering Table Concerns

The Vice-Chancellor’s campus tour continued today, Thursday, August 20, 2020, with his entourage visiting the various departments under the Faculty of Engineering.

Heads of Departments of the Faculty of Engineering ushered the Vice-Chancellor into their departments and walked them through the activities that go on in there on daily basis. The team took cognisance of the prevailing conditions that are obstacles to productivity in each department.

The team inspected the offices in the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Department, and the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Such issues were later discussed in an interactive session between the Vice-Chancellor and Senior members after the tour.

The Vice-Chancellor hinted a probable increase in student enrolment in the upcoming 2020/2021 academic year and called for strategic measures to be put in place regarding tuition given the current COVID-19 situation.

He mentioned a proposed blended learning akin to the Gold and Green track system already in vogue at the secondary level where students will have 7 weeks of learning on campus and the rest of the weeks online, making way for another batch to follow suit.

The imminent movement to Mpehuasem was brought to the table for this discussion.  This was about improving and expanding the capacity of the Faculty of Engineering.

The Vice-Chancellor also touched on the performances of lecturers and asked for more to be done to improve teaching and learning.  “You are informed that students will be evaluating lecturers this time around, and it is important we put in our best efforts” he advised.

The tour continues tomorrow in other departments of the University.  This is a Vice-Chancellor-led initiative for management to familiarize itself with the conditions of services at the various department to improve upon quality and productivity in the University.

By: Directorate of Public Affairs

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