Objectives of the Office

  • To bridge the gap between Accra Technical University and its Alumni by providing the alumni with free and continuous access to the institution and its activities, thereby creating a platform for them to get in touch with lost friends and meet for reunions. 
  • To integrate both the Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations functions into a comprehensive programme that will produce common success by creating a thorough understanding at the university level of the importance of the role of alumni relations and the ability of the Alumni Association to make itself relevant in all the sectors of the University and the broader alumni membership. 
  • To establish and sustain a reliable channel through which alumni will offer meaningful contributions and assistance towards the progress of their alma mater.
  • To understand what alumni need and want in their relations with their alma mater and to connect alumni programmes more closely to institutional priorities. 
  • To strengthen and promote academic, social, and financial collaboration between the University Alumni, Management as well as staff, and students.