Borrowing of Books from the University Libraries:~ All Students are by this announcement encouraged to visit the University Libraries for their studies and Research works. Students are further advised to contact the Librarian for Information on how to Borrow books from the Library. Thank you !!!!!!       

ATU Library

Welcome to Accra Technical University's Library.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to ATU's Library where your successful performance in the Technical University’s unique programmes is of paramount importance to us. The library’s prime responsibility is to provide high quality, up-to-date and relevant information resources and services to support teaching, learning and research needs of students, staff and faculty of the Premier Technical University. Our wide range of information services and products are specifically designed with the view to enhancing academic excellence of our students in particular. We therefore encourage you to take advantage of our rich information resources that are available both in print and electronic formats for your studies. Our supportive, responsible and respectful staff would always be available to assist you develop your information literacy skills for your lifelong learning. We would be pleased to receive your feed back to enable us improve on our services all the time. Thank you.
Fokuo Donyina (Acting Librarian)


The Library operates from two sites; namely

  • The top floor of the N Block where Engineering and Applied science materials are kept
  • The 2nd floor of the B-Tech Block where Business Administration and management collections are kept. This site also houses the Library E-resources unit.

Staff Strength
The library is run by twenty six (26) courteous and knowledgeable employees who are always happy to assist you on your information needs.
Purpose of the Library
The Library has two main objectives namely: to

  • provide good quality, relevant and up to date information resources to support teaching, learning and research
  • ensure a conducive environment for students faculty learning and research needs

Collection Development
The Library collaborates with faculty to ensure that relevant, up-to-date and good quality books are acquired to support the mission of the Technical University
Currently our print collection stands at about twenty seven thousand, five hundred (27,500) volumes. These collections are mostly in applied science & engineering, business administration and management studies subject areas.
Our collections also include students’ dissertations, bound volumes of newspapers and government publications; as well as bound volumes of HND exams past questions.
The books once acquired are destined for the shelves after they have been catalogued and classified to make retrieval easy and quick.


Students, faculty and staff who have been registered in the Library have the privilege of borrowing books from the Library for their academic work. This is done under terms and conditions, captured under the rules and regulations of the Library.
Information Literacy
the library also engages students on information literacy that is to have the ability to realize what information they need, how to create it, evaluate it and finally how to use information to generate knowledge
Teaching students on Information Literacy (Ability to realize that information is needed, how to locate and evaluate the needed information and using the information to generate knowledge).
Through the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH), we provide on-line access to E-journals and scholarly publications to support the rich academic curriculum of the Technical University.

Literature search

  • Manual search: Helping patrons to find useful information for their research work, assignments and also to gain more knowledge in their areas of studies.
  • Electronic search: Assisting patrons (students in particular) in their literature searches.
  • Providing training on how to conduct effective electronic searches for our valued patrons in the University community.

Inter-library Loan and Document Delivery
Through both formal and informal arrangements we reach out to other sister academic libraries in Ghana for answers to your information requests that cannot be provided by us immediately. 


MONDAY – FRIDAY     9:00AM – 8:00PM
SATURDAY                  9:00AM- 2:00PM
MONDAY – FRIDAY     8:00AM – 9:00PM
SATURDAY                  9:00AM – 2:00PM
MONDAY – FRIDAY     9:00AM – 430pm



The Library has rules and regulations to prevent damage to the Library premises and their contents and also to ensure the proper behavior of Library users. The regulations also define how certain Library procedures, such as the loan of materials are to be carried out so that readers can be treated fairly and consistently. Some of the rules include

  • The Librarian may expel any person if the presence of such a person is liable to cause disorder and confusion.
  • No phone calls whiles in the premises of the Library
  • Food, Water, Candies chewing gum and any other materials that are likely to attract ants or insects into the Library is prohibited
  • Shelving of books by users of the Library is not allowed
  • Personal textbooks are not allowed into the Library
  • All personal belongings (except purses and note-books) shall not be allowed into the Library.
  • A prescribed fee of GH ¢1.00 and an ID is deposited before taking a book for photocopying. ( This amount is refundable on return of the book)
  • Writing in the books belonging to the Library is not allowed
  • Folding books and materials belonging to the Library is prohibited
  • Photocopying an entire book is not allowed
  • A charge of one Ghana cedi (GH ¢ 1.0) per day is charged for borrowers when they default in returning borrowed books.


Our main challenge is how to keep pace with the changing technology to provide cutting edge information resources to enable our students become more creative and innovative in their fields of endeavour.
We plan to move closer to our users by

  • Becoming more proactive in the  promotion of our services to the user community through
  • Library bulletins
  • Library portals
  • Institutional repository: Documenting all the project reports of students and other research publications of the Technical University community and making them available online for unimpeded access (COMING SOON)
  • Digitizing of past examination questions for students to have quick and easy access online.
  • Automation of the library functions and services with the KOHA LMS (ON-GOING)
  • Ensure a safe, secure and comfortable environment for our users.

Contact Us

General Information
Accra Technical University.
P. O Box 561,
Barnes road, Accra.
Telephone:+233 30 268 9279