The Library has rules and regulations to prevent damage to the Library premises and their contents and also to ensure the proper behaviour of Library users. The regulations also define how certain Library procedures, such as the loan of materials are to be carried out so that readers can be treated fairly and consistently. Some of the rules include:

  • The Librarian may expel any person if the presence of such a person is liable to cause disorder
    and confusion.
  • No phone calls whiles in the premises of the Library
  • Food, Water, Candies chewing gum and any other materials that are likely to attract ants or
    insects into the Library is prohibited
  • Shelving of books by users of the Library is not allowed
  • Personal textbooks are not allowed into the Library
  • All personal belongings (except purses and note-books) shall not be allowed into the Library.
  • A prescribed fee of GH¢1.00 and an ID is deposited before taking a book for photocopying. ( This amount is refundable on return of the book)
  • Writing in the books belonging to the Library is not allowed
  • Folding books and materials belonging to the Library is prohibited
  • Photocopying an entire book is not allowed
  • A charge of one Ghana Cedi (GH¢1.00) per day is charged for borrowers when they default in
    returning borrowed books.