About our International students


The Directorate of International Programs and Institutional Cooperation (DIPIC), Accra Technical University was formed to promote, support and co-ordinate all affairs of international education activities in the University.

These activities include international students and staff exchanges, research collaborations and publications, and information sharing, all aimed at enhancing the international image of the University.

The Directorate has promoted links with institutions of higher learning from the United States of America, The Netherlands, China, Nigeria, among others.

The Directorate handle all matters relating to academic collaborations with external institutions.

Our core Functions

  • Management of all agreements establishing links between the University and International institutions of learning.
  • Promotion and advertisement of the programmes of the University to international students and researchers.
  • Organisation of summer schools and orientation programmes for foreign students.
  • Assist the Guidance and Counseling Director with the provision of guidance and counselling services for international students
  • Coordination of staff and student exchange and external staff training programmes.
  • Creating and maintaining a comprehensive database of students and external assistance programmes.