Accra Technical University Holds 2nd Edition Inter-Hall Games

As part of the School’s curricula activities, the Accra Technical University (ATU) held a three-day Inter-Hall Games for students in the various Halls of the University to compete in different sporting disciplines, which would shape both the minds and physique of its students for quality and effective academic performances. The Inter-Hall Games saw various sporting disciplines such as. Athletics, Baseball, Badminton, Chess, Cross Country, Hand Ball, Hockey, Judo, Netball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Volley Ball and Scrabble.

Athletics took place at the Labone Senior High School Football Pitch whiles other sporting disciplines were held on ATU Campus. The events which took place concurrently on both campuses saw the various Halls display good sportsmanship during the three-day event.

The Opening Game took place at the Multi- Sporty Arena on the ATU Campus on Thursday morning and Volleyball Women was the first game to be started with, which saw Hall 2 lock horns with Hall 4. Both sides exhibited good play and tried to outperform the other.Clad in their all orange kit, Hall 4 formed up in a defensive compact due to the cheeky presses from their opponents. They were immaculate in that formation set up covering for each other when they fell short of numbers.

After this, there was Taekwondo and Scrabble which were newly introduced sporting disciplines in this year’s edition of the InterHall games. In the taekwondo Games, each Hall took up the other and displayed good skills, smartness and strength. They all fought hard with each side proving to be smarter and stronger but Hall 1 proved throughout this game that they were forced to reckon with as they displayed a stronger commitment to winning this discipline. Scrabble was also played along side this with so much determination and dexterity on the part of Hall 3 as they were leading at the initial stage but things turned sour as Hall 2 triumphed over them to win in that category.

Other events such as Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Hand Ball and so on, were also played on ATU Campus whiles Athletics took place at the Labone Senior High School Park. All the sports Men and Women who took part in the various sporting events did well to raise the image of their respective Halls. The powerful jama, cheers, fanfare and enthusiasm from the fans in the background was the fuel that motivated the various teams of the Halls to perform better.  Marks were awarded to each Halls after each level in the games which happened concurrently for the sake of timeliness.

All the teams exhibited good skills and talents but as the game progressed, the boys were separated from the men as Hall 4 beat their competitors to get to the very top of the game. They emerged the overall winners picking up 19 Gold Medals, 10 Silver and 3 Bronze with a total score of 32 points. Hall 3 were the first runners up with 10 Gold Medals, 9 Silver and 17 Bronze with a total score of 36 points whiles Hall 1 were the second runners up with 9 Gold Medals, 12 Silver and 12 Bronze and a total score of 33 points.

Most students couldn’t hide their joy but to exhibit and share with each other; sharing pleasantries, jumping here and there across the four corners of the Multisporty ATU arena.

Below are some of the students who shared their sentiments during an interview.

A certain, Miss Love Avedetsi Abla, a level 300 accountancy student of Hall 4, She said she likes sports in general and Volley Ball in particular is her favourite and always plays her heart out any time she is in action. She also added that: “my team mates and l had well prepared to win all the games and by God’s grace we have been able to retain our position as reigning champions,’

 She said an event like this should not be a nine-day wonder but should be sustained by the university, adding ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’

Michael Annan, a Basketball Player of Hall 2 and a level 200 student of the Computer Science Department shared his sentiments also, saying, “Even though we started with our benched players who weren’t that skilful, we were able to have a comeback which got us a win”.

“It’s a game I started playing since childhood and I love it. My opponent knew nothing about the game so I took advantage of her. I think I knew much words than my opponent because at a point in time, I realised she ran out of words”. Stated by Bellona, a level 300 Student of the Science and Laboratory Technology.