University Policies

01. Quality Assurance Policy

The University shall assure the quality of its academic programmes by ensuring that its
activities, services and products meet established benchmarks that conform to national and
international standards. This shall be reflected in its mission to:…

02. Policy on Research and Innovation

The Technical University is committed to the generation of new knowledge through
high-quality applied and market-driven research;…

03. Attendance and Punctuality Policy

A document to prevent abuse of attendance at work rules and to assist in providing credible information in relation to attendance during staff performance appraisal, staff development and other related activities…

04. Policy on Advertisements on campus

This Policy provide guidelines to ATU Staff, Staff Associations, Students, and Student Associations on the proper use of publicity material on campus in such a way that the sanctity of the academic environment is maintained.

05. Policy on Field Trips

Policy for ensuring the safe conduct of appropriate academic field trips. This Policy applies to all academic field trips of the institution and to persons responsible for overseeing such trips.

06. Framework for Preparing Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Forms

Assist staff of Accra Technical University prepare Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Forms that are: written concisely in plain language; clearly expressed and can be clearly communicated to everyone; consistently formatted; easy to follow; easy to implement; up-to-date; and consistent with
the Technical University Act and Statutes, as well as other statutory documents….

07. Accra Technical University Students Handbook

Guidelines for the conduct of students of Accra Technical University. Relevant to Junior Members of the University…

08. Policy on Policies

This Policy provides the principles and procedures for guiding the formulation and implementation of organizational decisions…

09. Policy on Students Assessment of Teaching

This policy outlines the principles and procedures by which students would evaluate the quality of teaching…

10. Conditions of Service for Senior Members of ATU

The conditions of service for Senior Members of Accra Technical University (ATU)…

11. ATU Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

The new mandate of the institution as a Technical University and the appointment of new leadership for the University provided an opportunity to plan a new direction for the University.

12. Academic Staff Internship Policy 

The conversion of Polytechnics to Technical Universities was aimed at repositioning them to deliver higher learning using competency based approach for effective training. The application of competency based training using various fields of learning is a unique feature about Technical Universities.

13. Disability Policy

The passage of the Persons with Disability Act, 2006 (Act 715) in June 2006 made provisions such as rights, accessibility, employment and education for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) amongst others. 

14. Guidance and Counselling Policy

In accordance with Accra Technical University’s (ATU) Statutes 55, a Guidance, Counselling and Career Development (GC & CD) Directorate was established to provide guidance and counselling services for the University community. Subsequently, an advisory committee was constituted by the Academic Board of ATU to draw up programmes to be implemented by the GC & CD Directorate and to recommend to the Academic Board policy guidelines for the provision of guidance and counselling services.


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