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Overview of the Faculty

The Faculty of Business – made up of the Departments of Accountancy and Finance, Management and Public Administration, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, and Marketing – is recognised for its holistic methodology to business education with a global outlook. We are poised to provide flexible and innovative educational and research opportunities with strong ties to the industry and the business community. We offer courses at an undergraduate, and higher-degree research level from a range of business-related disciplines.

Our faculty applies an innovative, multi-disciplinary, research-based approach to developing and testing new theories and educating the next generation of leaders with an emphasis on ethics, integrity and professionalism.

Currently, the Faculty runs Bachelor of Technology (BTech) top-up, Higher National Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Diploma programmes.

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  • HND Secretaryship & Management Studies
  • HND Bilingual Secretaryship & Management Studies
  • HND Accountancy
  • HND Marketing
  • HND Purchasing & Supply
  • BTech Procurement & Supply Chain Management 
  • BTech Accounting 
  • BTech Banking & Finance
  • BTech Secretaryship & Management Studies 
  • BTech Marketing 
Programme Description

The HND programme is a three-year duration programme ran by the department leading to the award of a Higher National Diploma certificate, awarded by the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX). The objectives of this programme are: 

  • To train students who have graduated from the second cycle educational system and other preparatory programs with key marketing skills-set to prepare them for industry and research.
  • To sharpen the skills of personnel who are already working in industry but have no formal training in marketing
  • To collaborate with industry in the training process to ensure that students are equipped with relevant industry skills.
  • To lay a good foundation for our graduates to pursue higher academic studies in marketing.

The BTech Marketing programme is a two-year post-Higher National Diploma (HND) Programme that will run over a period of four sixteen-week semesters and thirty weeks of vacation. There will be a supervised Work Place Learning (Industrial Attachment) for twenty-four weeks at the end of the third semester. Students will be awarded marks for the attachment as contained in the University’s Industrial Attachment Policy approved by the Academic Board.

The BTech Marketing is geared towards equipping students with both practical training and theoretical knowledge with a focus on building up a solid portfolio of work and experience. Students would be introduced to all the fields of Marketing. Students would also be expected to combine research, planning and management with creativity to develop the best possible campaigns for their clients and develop a sound grasp of general business principles and marketing practices while exploring the modern technology and tools that can be used to market more effectively. They will be introduced to buyer behaviour and some fundamental business concepts such as accounting, finance and business law.

The programme would look at the different strategies companies use to promote their products, the modern methods of marketing brought on by the internet and other technological innovations, how branding works and the ethical side to marketing.


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