The University has a formidable Security Unit that works under the Directorate of General Services. The mandate of the Unit is to protect lives and properties of the University. Security personnel are located at various vantage points across campus throughout the day and also at night to ensure the safety of all members of the University community.

Security Tips on Campus

To ensure maximum safety on and around campus, we implore the University community to:

  1. Remember to lock your door whenever you are leaving your room and when asleep
  2. Change promptly the lock in your door when your key is missing; report the incident to the appropriate officer
  3. Always walk in pairs, or in groups and at well-lit areas.
  4. Avoid the services of Errand Boys; they may monitor your movements and rob you later or give information to their accomplices.
  5. Do not entertain hawkers in the Halls; they may be criminals.
  6. Beware of the type of friends you entertain in your rooms; they may be predators and criminals.
  7. Report every unusual occurrence promptly to the security office for immediate assistance.