Accra Technical University Debate Team Outclasses University of Ghana in Final

Accra Technical University’s debate team emerged victorious in a riveting showdown at the ATU 75th Anniversary Debate Competition, clinching a resounding 3:1 split decision and securing the prestigious legacy trophy in an electrifying finale against the University of Ghana on March 12, 2024, at the ATU Auditorium.

Accra Technical University showcased unparalleled competence and resilience throughout the competition, navigating through challenging opponents such as the University of Cape Coast and Takoradi University in the preliminary rounds with unwavering determination.

The climactic battle against the University of Ghana (UG) was nothing short of thrilling, highlighting the depth of knowledge and prowess possessed by both teams. However, it was team ATU, representing the Closing Opposition (CO), that ultimately outshone their counterparts from UG, who debated as the Opening Government (OG), on the topic of “An Intelligent but Poor Student Would Pursue Vocational Education Over a Traditional College Education.”

Certificates and medals were awarded to deserving participants in recognition of their dedication and excellence in the art of debate.

Accra Technical University’s triumph in the ATU 75th Anniversary Debate Competition marks a significant milestone, as the esteemed legacy trophy finds its new home at the institution. The team’s outstanding accomplishments are a testament to their hard work, intellect, and ability to articulate persuasive arguments effectively.