Accra Technical University Honours 14 Retirees of the Year in Grand Ceremony.
Date: November 24, 2023

Accra Technical University (ATU) has honoured 14 esteemed retirees of 2023 in a grand
ceremony held at the University’s auditorium on the evening of 16th November, 2023.
The event brought together faculty, staff, and invited guests to celebrate the outstanding
contributions of these esteemed retirees to the university community.
In her welcome address, the Registrar of ATU, Dr. Mrs. Sylvia B. Oppong-Mensah highlighted
the significance of the day in acknowledging the tireless effort and dedication of the retirees.
Delivering his address, the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Amevi Acakpovi, expressed his
heartfelt excitement as it was the university’s first time organising such a historic celebration for
retiring staff.
He continued to urge the retirees to venture into less stressful revenue generating activities upon
retirement, emphasising the need for them not to remain idle. “Some can engage in consultancy
service” he stated. He continued to admonish the retirees to neglect the perception that “after
retirement, it is over”. He also added that it is important for the retirees to seek opportunities
available to them as they go on retirement from public service.
Each retiree was presented with a citation and a handsome shopping voucher, as a token to
recognise their exceptional service, commitment, and innovative contributions to various aspects
of the university’s growth and success.
The programme continued with heartfelt speeches from Key Officers, Deans, Directors, Heads of
Departments, Union Executives; sharing anecdotes and experiences that showcased the profound
impact the retirees have made within the university community.
The event included a multimedia presentation highlighting the significant milestones achieved
through the collective efforts of the retirees. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and
appreciation as attendees listened attentively to the stories of dedication and passion shared by
some retirees.
The event concluded with a reception, allowing attendees to personally congratulate the honorees
for their outstanding service, leaving an inspiring legacy for generations to come.
Management, Deans, Directors and Heads of Departments graced the occasion.


Date: November 24, 2023