ATU Grants Scholarships to 137 Students, Empowers Academic Excellence
Date: August 18, 2023

Accra Technical University (ATU) held its Scholarship Award Ceremony on Friday, 18th August, 2023, recognising the outstanding achievements of 137 students who were granted scholarships for the2022/2023 academic year.

The event, held at the ATU Guest lodge, was graced by the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Amevi Acakpovi, who lauded the collaborative efforts that led to these scholarships.
In his address, Prof. Acakpovi extended his gratitude to the dedicated staff who tirelessly sought funds for the scholarships. He singled out Mrs. Esther Dortey for spearheading the search and also acknowledged the contributions of the former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Samuel Nii Odai. He also praised Dr. Sarah F. Hackman Duncan, the Vice Dean of Student Affairs, for her role in chairing the selection committee responsible for the awards.

The scholarship recipients, representing various faculties, were granted a 40% tuition fee waiver for the current academic year, with the payments having already been made and reflected in their iCampus accounts.

The scholarships were awarded in eight distinct categories, reflecting the diverse talents and needs of the student body:
1. Brilliant but needy students – 80 recipients
2. Community engagement – 7 recipients
3. Female students in STEM fields – 14 recipients
4. National Service Personnel – 13 recipients
5. Students from less endowed community schools – 5 recipients
6. Sports men and women – 5 recipients
7. Alumni – 5 recipients
8. GNPC – 13 recipients

Awardees were encouraged to maintain a strong commitment to their studies, as their academic records would be reviewed on a semester basis. Speaking on behalf of the recipients, one awardee expressed gratitude to the university’s management and the selection committee for their dedication to supporting students. They pledged to uphold the university’s reputation and continue to excel academically.

Mr. Martin Owusu Amoamah, the Dean of Students, commended the awardees for their accomplishments and urged them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of academic excellence. He also expressed appreciation for the committee’s tireless efforts in making the scholarship dream a reality.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Esther Dortey shared exciting news about upcoming scholarship opportunities from organisations such as Ghana Gas, GNPC, GetFund, and the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat. She encouraged students to also aspire to be recipients of the Vice-Chancellor’s awards for the best students with a GPA of 4.5 and above.

Dignitaries present at the event included Dr. Mrs. Sylvia B. Oppong-Mensah, the Registrar; Prof. Ernest C. Winful, the Dean of International Programmes and Institutional Cooperation; Prof. Alice C. Mensah, the Dean of Applied Science; and esteemed lecturers.

The Scholarship Award Ceremony celebrated the commitment of ATU to academic excellence and the empowerment of its students through financial support and recognition.


Date: August 18, 2023