ATU Management Donates MiFi Devices to Teaching Staff to Enhance Remote Teaching and Research
Date: June 14, 2024

Management of Accra Technical University (ATU) has donated MiFi devices to its teaching staff to support remote teaching and research. The donation, which took place on May 30, 2024, at the council chamber, aims to address the challenges associated with online learning.

According to the acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Amevi Acakpovi, this initiative is a plus for management and teaching staff. He emphasised that the devices would complement teaching and research, creating a safe and conducive environment for learning.

Prof. Acakpovi highlighted the need to strengthen quality assurance around online learning, ensuring that teaching staff have the necessary tools to excel. He encouraged staff to utilise the devices effectively, promoting remote work and flexible learning.

Mr. Hanson Obiri-Yeboah, Chairman of the Technical University’s Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG), representing the teaching staff, received the devices on their behalf and thanked the Management for the donation. He assured Management that the devices would be used for their intended purpose.  He acknowledged the challenges faced by lecturers working on and off campus and urged management to continue supporting staff with modern tools to enhance teaching and learning.

He added that TUTAG will continue to collaborate with Management to identify issues bothering teaching staff and proffer solutions to effectively tackle them.


Date: June 14, 2024