Dr Mark Pim-Wusu PhD, PE-GhIE, C.Build E, MCABE

Dr Pim-Wusu is a Professional Engineer registered with the Ghana Institution of Engineering and a Chartered Association of Building Engineers in the UK. He holds PhD in Engineering Management (Construction) from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, and he has been a lecturer in the Department of Building Technology, Faculty of Built Environment at the Accra Technical University since January 2013.

His research interest focuses on the fourth industrial revolution in adaptive capacity among SME construction firms in Ghana for the execution of construction projects in an environmentally sustainable manner to achieve the global agenda of sustainable development to improve Ghanaians’ lives, the African region and globally. Dr Pim-Wusu has lectured modules such as Building Science, Building Services, Building Management, Environmental Impact of Construction Activities, Materials and Construction Technology and Project Administration.


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