Position Title: Dean

Personal Title: DR.

Location: Accra

E-mail address:

Dr. Shani Bashiru is a certified Chartered Marketer and a Senior Lecturer at Accra Technical University. His subject area of taught spans from international Marketing,  Marketing Research and Image Analysis, Marketing Communications and Media Planning at  MBA level and  Marketing Planning at Undergraduate level.

He has teaching experience both home and abroad in the likes of Graduate School of Management Accra, from 2001 – 2003   and Desborough School, Maidenhead- England, from 2004-2005.  

His expertise goes beyond the classroom to consultancy engagements and capacity building in areas such as client care, Report writing, Strategies in Revenue Mobilization, Contact Management and Project Management. Among the associations, both national and international that he is a member include Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)-UK, Chartered Institute of Marketing- Ghana (CIMG) and Freelance Writers Association- UK.

He has also been involved in University administrative works and a member of Boards and Committees. He is the Chairman of Ghana Muslims Student Association, ATU chapter Endowment Fund. He is also a member of the Committee for BTECH Marketing Department and a Departmental Academic Counsellor.

Dr.  Bashiru holds a PhD in Philosophy Management from the University of Nicaragua. Additionally, he has a B.A in Commerce from the University of Cape Coast and an M.A  in Marketing from the Birmingham City University.

He was appointed Head of Marketing Department in November 2018.


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