Date: March 27, 2023

The Vice-Chancellor of Accra Technical University (ATU), Professor Samuel Nii Odai, was joined by other key officials of the University to cut the tape for the commencement of operations of an all-new pharmacy on campus on Monday, March 27, 2023, at the University’s Stores Complex.

The pharmacy, operated by East Cantonments Pharmacy Limited (ECPL) is expected to serve the student populace, staff of the University and the surrounding community. Students make up the largest demographic group of the pharmacy’s target clientele, hence ATU SRC President, Etse Kofi Damesi, appealed to ECPL to consider ways to make their services more affordable. He also requested weekend and late-night presence since it is typically at those times that students often report health issues.

University Medical Officer, Dr. Imam Abdul Moomen also spoke along the lines of quality and affordability in the services provided by the pharmacy. He advocated for a smooth relationship between the pharmacy and the University Clinic, which will soon become a hospital.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed his agreement with Dr. Moomen and the SRC President during his speech and invited the pharmacy to engage with management to develop a “win-win solution”. Professor Samuel Nii Odai revealed that he always had the vision of getting the stores occupied by businesses that would provide convenient services to students. He divulged that the Stores Complex now hosts a stationary shop, a bank, a pharmacy and a conference room. He also teased about the development of 3 research centres in his speech.

After the official tape-cutting gesture, officials of the University toured the pharmacy and interacted with its employees.


Date: March 27, 2023