Ghanaian Ambassador to Benin Commends Accra Technical University for Active Participation in Education Fair
Date: April 29, 2024

Her Excellency, Honourable Christine Churcher, the Ghanaian Ambassador to Benin, has expressed heartfelt appreciation to Accra Technical University for consistently honouring invitations to participate in the annual education fair organised by the Ghanaian Embassy in Benin.

The fair was organised on Friday, April 26, at the embassy premises in Cotonou to showcase educational opportunities in Ghana and strengthen ties between the two nations.

Ambassador Churcher lauded Accra Technical University’s unwavering commitment to showcasing Ghana’s educational excellence on an international platform. She emphasised the university’s pivotal role in strengthening educational ties between Ghana and Benin through its active engagement in the embassy’s education fair.

She highlighted the rich academic heritage of Ghana, noting its reputable universities and diverse educational programmes. She underscored the importance of educational exchanges between Ghana and Benin, stressing the potential for cultural enrichment and mutual growth through such events.

“The path to progress and prosperity lies in education,” Ambassador Churcher remarked. She added, “By investing in our youth and facilitating cross-border educational initiatives, we pave the way for a brighter future not only for Ghana and Benin but for the entire West African region.” She advocated for unity and closer ties between West African countries. ‘Language should never be a barrier; I want to see the day when the Ghanaian child speaks fluent French and vice vice-versa’, the Ambassador stated. “I am much more than excited to see that most attendees at this fair are women,” she intimated.

Ambassador Churcher further highlighted the broader diplomatic significance of educational exchanges, citing them as pillars of bilateral cooperation and solidarity. She encouraged attendees to leverage the fair’s platform to forge meaningful connections and explore possibilities for academic pursuits in Ghana.

The fair featured presentations by representatives from Ghanaian educational institutions, including KNUST and Accra Technical University, providing attendees with insights into academic offerings, scholarship opportunities, and collaborative initiatives. Prospective students from Benin expressed keen interest in furthering their education in Ghana and enhancing their English proficiency.

Accra Technical University remains committed to advancing Ghana’s educational interests abroad and looks forward to continued collaboration with the Ghanaian Embassy in future editions of the education fair in Benin.


Date: April 29, 2024