Guidance & CounselLing Directorate, Accra Metro Lions Club Hold Seminar on Sexual Harassment
Date: July 11, 2023

The Directorate of Guidance, Counseling, and Career Development of Accra Technical University organised a seminar last Tuesday, July 11, 2023, at the University Auditorium. The seminar which educated students about Sexual Harassment was held in collaboration with Social Welfare Services and the Accra Metro Lions Club.

Dr. Evelyn Bentil, Director of Guidance, Counseling and Career Development welcomed the audience by emphasizing the need to educate the public about sexual harassment. She explained that there are several misconceptions about sexual harassment that need to be clarified if the issue is to be well dealt with.

Madam Evelyn Adu Naa from the Department of Social Welfare started the symposium by outlining the physical and psychological effects of sexual harassment on both the victim and the perpetrator. She added that young people especially need to be protected against harassment since they have impressionable minds and may begin to normalise any abuse meted out to them.

The First Vice President of the Accra Metro Lions Club, Madam Charity Efe Nikoi in her speech declared that sexual harassment does not only include physical contact like fondling, groping, or pinching, but could include other non-verbal cues and gestures like winking. She added that some verbal remarks and jokes could be regarded as flirting or harassment depending on the recipient. She thus warned students to be selective about whom they “play” with. She acknowledged that sexual harassment against men is often not treated as seriously as it would if the victim was female. Madam Nikoi admitted that society often downplays the effects of harassment on men, and therefore advised men to be extra careful in their daily conduct since “prevention is better than cure”.

The seminar included several other speeches, presentations, and panel discussions, all of which welcomed questions and contributions from the audience. Hopefully, students left the seminar better equipped to deal with harassment and its related issues.


Date: July 11, 2023