Historic Partnership Sealed Between Accra Technical University and Interior Designers and Decorators Ghana
Date: August 18, 2023

The Accra Technical University Council Chamber was brimming with excitement on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, as a momentous event unfolded. Key officials from Accra Technical University (ATU) welcomed a delegation from Interior Designers and Decorators Ghana (IDDG) to solidify a landmark collaboration. The occasion marked the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two entities, establishing a promising professional and educational relationship between ATU’s Interior Design and Technology Department and IDDG.

In her opening address, Dr. Mrs. Sylvia Beatrice Oppong-Mensah, Registrar of Accra Technical University, underscored the institution’s unwavering commitment to equipping students with practical skills and job market exposure. She highlighted the significance of providing competency-based training and real-world internship opportunities through partnerships with industry leaders. Dr. Oppong-Mensah expressed her optimism that the collaboration would extend beyond mere formalities and significantly enrich the learning experiences of Interior Design students.

Subsequently, Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Amevi Acakpovi elucidated the purpose of the gathering, emphasizing the critical role of industry collaboration in delivering competency-based training, as mentioned by Dr. Oppong-Mensah. He welcomed the IDDG delegation warmly, acknowledging the groundbreaking nature of the partnership.

Mr. Kennedy Newton Nutassey, Head of ATU’s Interior Design and Technology Department, exuded profound enthusiasm throughout the meeting. With evident pride, he conveyed the eagerness of his students to connect with the industry. Nutassey highlighted the rapid growth of the interior design industry, which often goes unnoticed despite its role in transforming houses into homes. He shared that his department had been actively seeking partnerships within the professional realm and expressed his elation that IDDG had responded to their call, deeming the collaboration a monumental achievement.

Madam Lorraine Eyetsa Ocloo, President of IDDG, expressed her gratitude for the warm reception extended to her organization by ATU. She articulated IDDG’s excitement at the prospect of working closely with Accra Technical University to empower and shape the futures of the upcoming generation of interior designers and decorators.

The event witnessed the presence of other distinguished individuals, including Madam Margaret Morzadec, an interior designer and IDDG member, and Madam Faith Amertorgoh, a colour consultant affiliated with IDDG. ATU’s Director of Finance, Mr. Frank Owusu Boateng, and the Dean of the Faculty of Built Environment, Mr. Seth Allotey, also attended the ceremony, bearing witness to the historic signing of the MoU.

This collaboration between Accra Technical University and Interior Designers and Decorators Ghana signals a transformative partnership poised to nurture the talents and aspirations of budding interior design professionals, paving the way for an enhanced and practical learning journey.


Date: August 18, 2023