Dr. Jones Adjei Ntiamoah (ACMA, CGMA) is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Accounting and Finance, Accra Technical University.

Dr. Ntiamoah holds a Doctor of Finance degree from the Swiss Management Center in Switzerland, a Master of Finance degree from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ghana Business School. 

An experienced, self-motivated and positive-minded individual with over 18+ years of professional practice and developed skills in various capacities assumed. Her specialty is in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (MSC/MCIPS), Logistics & Transport (CMILT) and Project Management (CPMP).

A Consultant, Counselor, Mentor, Family Life Coach, orphanage archetypal and horticulturist. Successfully maintained regular communication and interpersonal skills to motivate and encourage people encountered around the world. Ensuring the youth/students (especially females) have an unswerving, focused, resilient attitude and mind to life’s encounters and the bid to triumph in set targets and goals. She has authored two (2) books; Bricks & Choices (inspirational/Motivational book) and Managing and Securing Supplies (Academic), and co-authored four (4) books with over fifteen (15) article publications cited by over 70 authors/researchers online, notably google scholar.

Partnered and hosted personal programs at various seminars and talk shows aimed at the personal transformation of people at all levels, especially the youth/students, since 2012 on diverse topics such as Power of the Mind, Self-Worth & Value, Discovering Purpose, Life Skills, Wisdom Hunks, Business and Project Oriented Mindset. She mentors specifically young ones of all stages and interacts with people through developing thought-provoking content for over 1000’s on social media (Facebook & YouTube) and influences lives in diverse ways.

She believes and loves God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. She loves life and spirituality and treats people with respect, humility and integrity.


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