Medical Laboratory Technology Department

Overview of the Department

The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology under the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Accra Technical University runs a 4-year Bachelor of Technology Medical Laboratory Science Programme.

The BTech Medical Laboratory Science programme provides an opportunity to qualified graduates of Senior High Schools and Technical Schools who want to pursue a Bachelor of Technology in Medical Laboratory Science. More so, the programme offers an opportunity to graduates working in the medical laboratories with HND Science Laboratory Technology, Diploma/HND Medical Laboratory Science and a degree in life science disciplines to obtain a professional license after completion of the BTech Medical Laboratory Science programme. Graduates of BTech Medical Laboratory Science will have the opportunity to work as licensed professionals in public and private hospitals and health facilities in the districts and regions across the country. They will also be equipped to operate clinical laboratories as entrepreneurs and business owners.

The continuous expansion of healthcare facilities in Ghana at both regional and districts levels and the relevance of evidence-based quality healthcare have led to the increased demand for professional medical laboratory services in the health service delivery system in Ghana. With the rapid advancements of technology in the field of clinical diagnostics, the need has arisen to train students to meet current demands and challenges. The Medical Laboratory Science Programme is a relevant innovation to produce professional medical laboratory scientists to offer quality assured services in clinical laboratory diagnostics, public health systems and medical research institutions in Ghana and beyond in a safe environment.

Programme Structure of the Department


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