Prioritise Employee Satisfaction and Professionalism in the Hospitality Industry for Sustainable Growth
Date: March 12, 2024

The Chief Executive Officer of Hospitality Plus Limited,  Top of Form

Dr. Joseph Mensah-Ansah, has urged stakeholders in the Ghana Tourism and Institute of Hospitality sectors to prioritize the enhancement of employee satisfaction, professionalism, and productivity for sustainable development.

Addressing the inaugural session of the 12th Delegate Conference of the Institute of Hospitality at Accra Technical University, themed “The Hospitality Workforce: Enhancing Employee Satisfaction, Professionalism, and Productivity for Sustainable Development,” Dr. Mensah-Ansah underscored the crucial role employers play in investing in their workforce for long-term growth and productivity.

He emphasised the necessity for stakeholders to establish a positive and conducive working environment that fosters employee satisfaction. Dr. Mensah-Ansah highlighted the significance of work plan development, job autonomy, work-life balance, recognition, reward systems, and growth opportunities as key factors influencing employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Additionally, Dr. Mensah-Ansah reiterated the importance of promoting employee job satisfaction through training and job development initiatives. He pointed out the positive impact of providing opportunities for skill enhancement, career advancement, and demonstrating organisational commitment to professional growth within the industry, noting that employees who receive adequate training are more likely to feel competent and satisfied in their roles.

He encouraged employees to prioritize their professions by engaging in training programs aimed at enhancing their professional expertise within their respective fields. Dr. Mensah-Ansah stressed the importance of thorough preparation and a serious approach to one’s profession.

Dr. Mensah-Ansah also used this opportunity to raise recommendations for the Institute of Hospitality to proactively develop continuous professional programs for its members, create local incentives for various membership categories to stimulate association growth, organize career sections, enhance visibility through awareness creation events, and actively voice concerns on national issues affecting the industry.

Dr. Patricia Owusu-Darko, President of the Institute of Hospitality (IH), stressed in her address the importance for industries and organisations to bolster professionalism through investment in training and development programs. These initiatives aim to equip employees with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in their respective roles.


Date: March 12, 2024