TUTAG-ATU Donates to Mepe Flood Victims
Date: January 16, 2024

The Accra Technical University Chapter of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG), yesterday stepped forward to aid the residents of Mepe in the North Tongu districts in the Volta Region in the aftermath of the Akosombo water spillage.

Recognising the challenges faced by the community, particularly in the realm of education, TUTAG’s-ATU benevolent gesture aims to alleviate the hardships brought about by the unfortunate incident.

The Akosombo water spillage, which occurred, left several communities grappling with the consequences of flooding, displacements, and the disruption of daily life. Among the affected areas, Mepe found itself in a dire situation, especially concerning educational infrastructure and resources. The generosity displayed by TUTAG, ATU Chapter, comes as a ray of hope for the people of Mepe.

Presenting the items, Mr. Hanson Obiri-Yeboah the chairman of TUTAG, ATU Chapter said the relief item presented was under the umbrella body of ATU to help revive education in the community as they gather to get back to their normal life. He also hammered their visit as an opportunity to assess the situation at hand, preparing to give back to the community in their next visit amidst planning on organising health screening for the community members.

The donation, worth GHc20,000.00, consists of essential educational materials, including exercise books, school uniforms, school bags, stationery, and other resources that are crucial for the continuity of learning. The gesture not only addresses the immediate needs of the community but also underscores the pivotal role of education in rebuilding and revitalising the affected areas. TUTAG’s ATU chapter initiative aligns with the broader goal of fostering resilience and empowerment within communities facing adversity.


Date: January 16, 2024