ATU Academic Counsellors Receive Training

The Directorate of Guidance, Counselling and Career Development of Accra Technical University has organised a workshop on Wednesday, 15th December 2021 at the University Auditorium for Academic Counsellors. The workshop was organised to train Academic Counsellors in the skills involved in stress management.

The Director of Guidance, Counselling and Career Development, Dr. Evelyn Bentil, in her opening remarks stated that the workshop was the third of its kind organised by the directorate in the year 2021 after a needs assessment survey showed that Academic Counsellors are in need of stress management training. “The first workshop focused on Sharpening the Counselling Skills of Academic Counsellors while the second was on Handling Suicidal Cases.” She said.

 “Stress is often the result of feeling trapped and overwhelmed by the problems in our lives. Stress management gives you a range of tools to reset your alarm system.” The University Librarian, Dr. Florence Plockey stated in her Chairperson’s remarks while throwing more light on the subject.

The Resource person, Mr. Francis Abotsi, is an Associate Director of Franswell Consult, an author and publisher, and also a counselling Psychologist.  He presented on sources of stress, healthy techniques to manage stress and many more. Mr. Abotsi in his delivery intimated “the responsibility of counsellors is not to set goals for students under your care but to give guidance. Counsellors are not to solve problems or make the decisions but rather guide the students by stabilizing their trend of thought through the provision of pros and cons to lead them into making their own decisions.”

He concluded his presentation by cautioning Academic Counsellors to not impose their religious beliefs on students during counselling sessions.

The workshop had a high turnout of attendance, including the Dean of Applied Sciences; Dr. Alice Constance Mensah, Dean of Student Affairs; Mr. Martin Amoamah, Heads of Departments among others. The workshop was very interactive with participants asking questions and sharing opinions on topics discussed.

By: Directorate of Public Affairs

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