Position Title: Dean

Personal Title: Doctor

Location: Accra

E-mail address:

Engaged as an instructor in December 1999, Dr. Vivian Biney-Aidoo has been a fulcrum in the development of the Department of Fashion Design and Textiles. She started as a lecturer in June 2006 and was promoted to the status of a Senior Lecturer in June 2014, at the Department of Fashion Design and Textiles.

Dr. Aidoo holds a Bachelor of Education (Home Economics) from the University of Cape Coast and Master of Philosophy Home Science (Clothing & Textiles) from the University of Ghana.

Her contributions to academic work are not only limited to the lecture halls. As a member of the University community, Dr. Aidoo has served at administrative and management level of the University. She has been a member of the Admissions Board, Examinations Committee, Industrial Liaison Committee and many others. Additionally, she has engaged in several communities and national activities where she had the opportunity to develop herself, career and to make meaningful contributions towards national development. She has served as a resource person in quite a number of workshops and seminars in and outside the University.

She is now the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts. She has to her credit two peer-reviewed conference papers and seven research publication in the area of Fashion and Design and Garment Industry.

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