Position Title: Dean

Personal Title: Prof.

Location: Accra

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Engr. Prof Felix Y.H. Kutsanedzie is an associate professor in agricultural and biosystems engineering at Accra Technical University and a member of the Mechanical Engineering Department., and a professional engineer licensed under the division of Agricultural and Bioengineering. He is a prolific researcher and writer who has several genres of publications such as short communications; reviewer papers, edited book chapters; edited books with chapters; conferences papers, and peer-reviewed papers in the Science Citation Index (SCI) and Engineering Village Index (EI) journals retrievable from the World of Science (WoS) spanning his areas of research interest and focus.

He has a specialty in fabrication of nondestructive sensing technologies – near-infrared, ultraviolet-visible and Raman spectroscopic systems, hyperspectral imaging and multispectral imaging systems, colourimetric sensors, electronic nose (e-nose) devices, electronic tongues (e-tongue) devices, computer vision, biosensors, upconversion and surface-enhanced spectroscopy (SERS) nanosensors for which his works have been world-widely published and received awards. His novel work, published in the Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Journal, on the development of a sensing probe composed of porphyrin-based chemodyes coupled to a near-infrared spectrophotometer and supported by chemometric algorithms pioneered the re-engineering of near-infrared spectroscopy systems for detection of gaseous substances – volatile, which hitherto could detect only solid and liquid matter. 

Engr. Prof. Kutsanedzie has garnered twelve (12) years teaching experience at the tertiary level, with a research interest in areas such as: designing and fabrication of microelectromechanical machines (MEMS) or devices / lab-on-chip devices; sensors fabrication for quality and safety monitoring of biomaterials, food, environment, biomedical and pharmaceutical materials; synthesis and fabrication of nanomaterial and biomaterial based devices for varied uses – bio and biomedical imaging, biosensing; bionanotechnology, fabrication of devices coupled to chemometric algorithms for nondestructive detection of materials; application of multivariate algorithms for image and spectral data preprocessing and processing; food processing and biosystems designs; food-water waste treatment and management systems designs; renewal energy systems; bioenergy and biofuel generation; project management; experimental designs and analysis.

He held several scholarships – Government of Ghana Scholarship at the secondary school level (1995 – 1997); Jiangsu Presidential Scholarship (2015-2015), Jiawen Fellowships Award in recognition of Excellence Academic Performance (2018), JU – China, Food and Biological Engineering School Scholarship (2015-2018). Engr. Prof. Kutsanedzie received the best PhD student’s dissertation and outstanding award, from Jiangsu University in 2018 (JU), China. He has in addition received the best poster, academic star and fellowship awards from JU. Coupled to these, he has written and won several grants; supervised several Higher National Diploma and Degree students’ projects and ten (10) postgraduate students project – both masters and doctorate degree dissertations.

Engr. Prof. Felix Y.H. Kutsanedzie is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Accra
Technical University. Prior to that, he held the following positions – Head, Research and Innovation Centre (2013 – 2015); and Drone and Innovative Technologies Development Centre (2018 -2021). He has served on several committees to share his expertise and as well contributed in many research conferences both on community, institutional, national and international platforms. He served as an Associate Editor for the Directory of Open Journals (DOAJ) from 2015-2017, Liaison for functional food in Africa Universities (2012-2016), Editor of APT Multidisciplinary Journal; Editor for PLoS One; Editor for BioMed Research International Journal; Associate Editor of Frontiers Sensors; and currently a certified Elsevier peer-reviewer and a member on the Committee for Publishing Ethics (COPE). Additionally, is currently the editor of Editor of Advances in Nanowires Synthesis and Applications to Sensing Technologies [Book], Intech Open Publishers, UK, which is expected to be launched later in 2022.

He is a member of the America Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers, National Black Engineers Society; Society for Biological Engineers; Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET-GH); Council for Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET-GH); Ghana Engineering Council Disciplinary, Legal and Ethics Technical Committee and Ghana Society of Agricultural Engineering (GSAE).

Prof. Kutsanedzie is ranked the National Best Scientist in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, 10th in Africa, and 68th in the World based on the World Scientist and University Rankings by AD
Scientific Index (Alper-Doger Scientific Index) 2023 – https://www. /4 313486

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