The Accra Technical University logo is part of our corporate identity, which helps solidify our visual approach’s character. It is made up of three significant fundamentals which are crucial to the brand statements of the University. They include; The ShieldThe Golden Book, and The Golden Key.

The Shield

The shield reflects our heritage because it was taken from the Accra Polytechnic crest. It has the name of the Institution written in gold within a blue rectangle at the top. The motto “Integrity, Creativity and Excellence” is gold within a blue banner below.

There are three pairs of blue vertical lines on a golden background. Each pair of vertical lines represents a stage of our journey as an academic institution from Technical Institute to Polytechnic to Technical University.

The Golden Book

The Golden Book represents the fountain of knowledge and a world of discovery.

The Golden Key

The Golden Key symbolises access to knowledge and the means for discovery, freedom, power, and prominence. The Golden Key is formed from the initials A, T, and U, standing for Accra Technical University.

The Main Parts of the Golden Key

The main parts of the Golden Key are the head, shaft, and bit.

The head is formed from the letter ‘A,’ representing our location in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

The shaft is formed from the horizontal bar of the letter ‘T.’

The bit is formed from combining the vertical bar of the letter ‘T,’ the letter U and the Nkyinkyim symbol. The Nkyinkyim is a traditional Ghanaian symbol signifying Initiative, Dynamism, and Versatility, which are three elements required for turning knowledge into solutions.

The Colours of ATU

  • Gold is the colour of the Sun and continuous renewal. It is very uplifting and positive. Gold is symbolic of knowledge, learning, and mental development and denotes the ultimate prize, the colour of winners, and the first place prize – a Gold medal.
  • Blue represents both the Sky and Sea and is the colour of creative intelligence, inspiration, imagination, wisdom, order, and planning. It also represents security, dependability, strength, and trust.


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